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Why It's Good to Be Unfinished

I started training for a triathlon. Today I ran for fifty minutes. I’ve been training slowly enough that I really can run for fifty minutes. But I get bored. And I have to play mind-games. Run 30 minutes. Then run 10 minutes past this spot. After that turn around and run 15 minutes in the other direction. Then run 5 minutes back, and you’ll be at your car.

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Time Travelers

Seasons are strange things. Twenty-four hour days swim together, all seemingly the same until they are suddenly different. Some stretch endless toward evening. Some escape our clutches, sunlight seeping through clenched fists. Some just pass. And we hardly notice.We keep making breakfast and washing dishes and looking out that same kitchen window.

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Seeking His Presence Now: Corlischa

Meet Corlischa. She is one of those people who is always all-in. With the Lord. With her husband. With her friends. With whatever is going on at the moment. She is fully committed but not in a way that makes it seem like a duty. Her commitment looks more like faithfulness. She is full of joy and excitement that are contagious.

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