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Right here beside the manger

There is something about the manger that stills my heart, that steals my breath and then reminds me to breathe. It happens every Christmas. And it surprises me every time. A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid right in the hay. A mother's gentle hand on a newborn's furrowed brow. The tension of the night giving way to the relief of having survived it. The moments of sudden calm when Mary must have stared with wonder into the eyes of her Child.

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When Faith Falters

I wrote the following several months ago, for a women’s retreat at our church. But I’ve been thinking about it again and again since then. I’ve said it here a few times, how grateful I am that God’s faithfulness doesn’t depend on our ability to have faith. We keep thinking that He’s waiting on our faith to invite Him to be faithful. Could it be instead that His faithfulness is our invitation to faith? That the reality of His trustworthiness is an invitation for us to trust?

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