Seeking His Presence Now: Becky

I have had the privilege of getting to know Becky this year through our church, Bayou City Fellowship. Her faith is genuine, and so is her joy. Becky lives her life in such a way that she notices those around her and makes time to be available to them. There is a calmness about her that I can only describe as the tangible peace of the Holy Spirit. If you know her, you know what I am talking about. She is a woman who trusts the Lord, who loves Him and who allows Him to minister to others through her in a thousand different ways. I am one who has benefitted from her willingness and her warmth and her compassion. And I am so grateful. Becky's words are below.

Moving has been such a big part of my life even as a child. Most moves are hard, leaving behind old friends, familiar places, church home, a house you have made to be your home and sometimes leaving family. I have always asked "why" do I have to go.

Today while I was reading God's Word it struck me that many times when biblical people moved it was because of famine. Genesis 26:1: "A severe Isaac moved..." Genesis 12:10: "A severe famine...forcing Abram to go..." Genesis 43: "the famine continued" Jacob eventually moved his family to Egypt.

So I wondered, for God to move us in His direction sometimes he has to make the place we are currently at impossible to stay in. In order to move us towards Him he has to move us away from what is comfortable and familiar. So that all we have to rely on is Him. It seems the last move I made has been the hardest and yet the best.

I have moved nine times since I was married 32 years ago. Each move has been away from friends, familiarity and church home but the last one moved me away from my children. They are my world, they are my heart, they are the answer to many years of infertility and prayer. They are proof that God gives you the desire of your heart.

Because I had to leave them and all that I was familiar with I had no choice but to rely on God. For Him to be my comfort, my friend, my counselor. So each morning I have been blessed with the ability to spend much time in God's Word and prayer. It has been a time to learn that He is what I need most. That He will never leave me or forsake me. That He can sustain me. That He wants to be my friend, my world, my heart, the answer to my prayers.

So maybe I finally understand a little bit why He always moved me away from the familiar. Because maybe He was trying to move me toward Him.