Book Giveaway (AKA: Best Bookfair Ever!)

UPDATE: And the winners are...

  • Dear John - Annalee M.
  • The Forgotten Garden - Linda S.
  • Through the Eyes of a Lion - Susan W.
  • Falling Free - Kelli H.
  • Chasing Slow - Anne A. (Mom)
  • Mended - Nicole D.
  • Hearing God - Gaynor L.

I really enjoyed some of the titles y'all came up with in your entries. "Chasing Still" "Dead John" and "Falling Tree" were a few of my faves. 

Thanks for playing, everyone! You made that fun! 🎉

My sister(-in-law) Darcee and I have a constant text conversation going about life in general. But life in general also includes a lot of book talk! She decided [and I agreed] that we should let you all in on the love with a book giveaway. So she picked three books and I picked three books and then we threw in a wild card, and that means that you have SEVEN chances to win! We hope you're half as excited as we are.

Book Giveaway | Cody Andras |
Book Giveaway | Cody Andras |

As you may gather from our life-jacket usage, we're also two very active rule-followers. So here are the rules.

How to enter:

  1. You have to comment on this blog post. Otherwise, we'll lose entries. So feel free to get excited about it on Instagram/Facebook/etc, but we're not taking entries from there.
  2. We're closing the comments at 5pm (CST) on Monday, January 30 and will announce the winners later that night.
  3. In your comment, include:
    1. Your First Name + Last Initial/Name.
    2. The title(s) of the book you want. You can enter for as many books as you want, but you'll only win one, so list them in the order that you want them.
    3. Requirements:
      1. You have to be 18 or older. If you're younger than that, you'll need your parent's permission. (It's the law.)
      2. You have to reside in the US.
      3. You have to love to read!

Okay. Now the fun stuff. Here are the books we've chosen.

Favorite book of all time:

Darcee: Falling Free by Shannan Martin

On the first page of this book I scribbled the words, “Praying the magnitude of change and influence these words had on my heart and soul will never go away. Dare I say it, the best book I’ve ever read.” And so far it still is. This book left me wanting to do life differently. More out of the ordinary. Less scared. With more love. I’m not going to be able to come up with adequate words to describe the impact it had on me…but it’s a book that I could have easily read in a day, yet I was reading a chapter a day because I did not want it to end. It was funny yet serious, like an every day conversation with a friend yet life-changing. It left me hungry, for chips and salsa, and eager and hungry to love complete strangers in the same way that I love people I’ve known for years. Read this and then let's meet for coffee, because I could talk about it all day.

Cody: Mended by Angie Smith

This was a hard choice for me. It's more of a devotional book, but it had a profound impact on me when I read it. I actually did some of the activities that she recommends (I'm a very non-compliant reader, so this is rare), and I'm so glad I did. I let a pitcher shatter at my feet, loud and final. And then I put it back together, piece by piece. But I couldn't make it look the way I wanted. It would never be unbroken. " was hard to look at the cracks. I ran my fingers along them and told Him I wished it had been different" (Angie Smith, Mended). Yes. Don't we all? But still He says, "I chose you, just as you are." This book invites you to crawl up into the lap of a Good Father who is also your Healer and your Lord.

Favorite novel:

Darcee: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Y’all- please still be friends with me after this ok? For whatever reason, I am a tad bit embarrassed to introduce this as my favorite novel, but here I am… I tried and tried to pick another one but I couldn’t make myself lie to y’all. I LOVED THIS BOOK. It’s a book that serves as a reminder of how much I really love to read. I can vividly remember being in college with a million things to do and learn- yet still sitting in my bed not being able to put this story down. Because of this book, still today I’m reminded that there will always be a million things you should be doing, could be doing, but sometimes it really is okay to do something you enjoy, just for fun, with no expectations or highlighted life changing quotes to show for it.

Cody: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Who's surprised?! If you're tired of hearing about it, you'll need to read another blog. [Kidding! Kinda.] Because she's my favorite author, and this is my favorite book by her. It's just the right amount of historical fiction, intrigue and character development. It will keep you guessing until the last page. It's well-written (but not boring, which is so refreshing), and it's just fun to read!

Favorite book of 2016:

Darcee: Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko

2016 was certainly the year of some really amazing books for me. I’ve kept this book on my shelf next to where I usually read so I can often catch glimpses of it, because I don’t ever wanna forget it. I am positive I enjoyed this book because of the reality of life that I find myself in- but everyone needs this type of hope. It’s written by a pastor who lost his 5 year old daughter 5 days before Christmas. What do you do with that? This book allowed (pushed) me to look at my own grief and loss in a whole new way, to look at life with more meaning, and to look to Jesus always. I’ll leave you with this that is still giving me chills…

“Our faith works in the fire, and not just when life is fun. We can be hard-pressed and yet not crushed, struck down and yet not destroyed- not because we know general facts about the resurrection or that there is a heaven, but because we trust in the one who said that he is the resurrection and the life, who took the keys from death and hell, was dead, and lives forever. His name is Jesus.” -Levi Lusko

Cody: Hearing God by Dallas Willard

I made up the categories, Darcee followed all of the rules, and now I'm fudging this one. Technically, I'm reading it in 2017, but Bethany gave it to me for Christmas in 2016. Does that count? Well, folks, I make the rules so you're stuck with me. It really is a great book though! It talks about discerning God's will but not in a rote or magic way. The key to hearing God is having a close relationship with Him, and this book focuses on that so clearly and refreshingly. God is our Lord and Master, but He has called us friend and invited us into communion with Him. Our desires and hopes and dreams are not irrelevant to Him. He formed us and He knows us and He loves us and He communicates with us. Our futures are not fixed, and our God is not task-master extraordinaire. This book is dense (like a chapter/day at the most), but it's clear and concise and relatable!

Bonus Book:

Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path by Erin Loechner

Neither of us have read this yet, but we're both excited about the title. So, here's your chance to beat us to it! Full disclosure: We may have ordered this one for ourselves too. :)

  That's it! May the odds be ever in your favor. We really had a lot of fun putting this together and we're glad you stopped by! It's a pretty lame giveaway unless you enter, so let the games begin...