30th year

Today is my 29th birthday. If you consider a birthday a finish line, I have successfully(-ish?) completely 29 years of life. If you consider it a starting line, it's the beginning of my 30th year.

And in celebration of that 30th year, just for fun, I'm making a list of 30 things I want to do this year that I've never done before. Don't feel the need to find this interesting. It's mostly for me.

So far I've thought of 19 things. Some are more easily achieved than others. Feel free to submit your suggestions for review. Should I choose to accept, you can come along. I also plan to leave a few items blank. You know, leave room for the unexpected!

1. Go to a trampoline park. It's how I imagine living on clouds would be. (If clouds weren't vapor and actually felt the way they look.) We did it! I convinced our discipleship group it would be a great idea. It was! Until the next day when we remembered that we aren't twelve anymore.

2. Cook a lobster.

3. Roast a turkey. Maybe for a major holiday. Maybe for a random Wednesday. We shall see. I don't actually like turkey. But it seems like something you should know how to do before you're 30. I did it! Read about it here.

4. Visit Cody, Wyoming. (I'm named after it, didja know that? But I've never been there. Incidentally, neither have my parents. Also, today, I got an email inviting me to the Bayou City Fellowship Men's events. Haha! I declined the invite. But thank you, Mom and Dad, for the gender-neutral name. It has provided ample opportunity for awkward.)

5. Take a train from Chicago to San Francisco. It's reminiscent of the Oregon Trail. But there's no need to hunt rabbits/buffalo or to ford the rivers. I'm accepting applications for travel companions.

6. Stop waiting for a "reason" to write what I want to write and start actually writing it.

7. Ride in a hot air balloon. (I think.)

8. Read at least one classic novel. I haven't really ever read any. What do we think? I'm leaning toward Emma. Or Gone With the Wind. (Is that a classic?)

9. Go to the top of the Empire State Building. (This is mostly a ploy to get back to NYC!) Did that too! Want to see a picture?

10. Run/Swim/Bike a triathlon. A short one. Preferably in a pretty place. Where the water is clear. I reserve the right to bail on this.

11. Use my brother's name more frequently in conversation. It has recently been brought to my attention that even some of my closest friends don't know his name. I talk about him all the time. I always say, "my brother..." and never his name. It's Hunter, by-the-way. Now you know.

I kind of adore him.

I kind of adore him.

12. iFly. Do you know about this? You can fly. It's a new life goal.

13. Read the whole Bible. So far, I've made it to 2 Kings...

14. Visit the place where the four states touch. Even though my cousin Mark informed me that there is nothing there. Well, I will be there. Someday. This year.

15. Float the river. I've never done this. Dear friends who went last year without me, you'll have to go again. We did it. And I [mostly] enjoyed it. But here are some thoughts about something that made me really mad.

16. Use eye cream regularly. I just got some and started using it on Wednesday. We're off to a great start.

17. Learn to make ice cream. This is more of an immediate goal. Thank you, Kimi and Katie, for the ice cream maker!

18. Wipeout Run. March 28. Save the date. ...and DONE! Read about it here.

19. Finish crocheting a blanket that I started for a baby who is now in the 2nd grade. (I'm really about 80 years old on the inside. And I have been since I was 16.)

20. Drink more water.

21. Houston art sign pictures.

22. Paddle boarding in Galveston.

23. Wreck This Journal. An exercise in "letting it go" for rule-followers everywhere.

24. 1000 gifts -- make a list of 1000 things I'm thankful for.

I am reminded today of how thankful I am for the people God has placed in my life. In the past year, I have seen and known the love of Christ in you in ways that I wouldn't have known to ask for, but that He has graciously chosen to provide. Every. Single. One. Of. You. I have the best friends and the greatest family. And some of you fall into both categories. I am forever grateful.

These. And so many others.

Much love and happy-my-birthday to you!